Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been collecting links for a bit, so it's time to publish them.

A Lightroom 2 workflow that is a good overview of how one person does it.

Bruce Percy, who still uses film and a medium format camera is running his own version of how he made 40 photographs.

A Lifehacker article about Swingvine. A web site that tracks trending topics. If you were doing micro stock photography and wanted to try to figure out what's hot, it might be a good site to keep on top of.

The start of an Open Source camera from Stanford University.

I've had trouble getting filters off the front of the camera lens before. I'm wondering if these watch case balls would work better than the wimpy filter removers they sell.

Glamour Magazine run a photo of a normal person rather than the normal model body type they usually do. The photo and a blog post about the positive response of readers that surprised them.

If you are doing a lot of flash photography work and want to diagram the setup, here is an interesting piece of software that will help you do it.

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