Sunday, January 10, 2010


Kelly's been telling me about birding at the Muskegon Wastewater treatment plant for quite a while now. She's offered to show me the area, and we finally got a chance to go. A huge 18,000 acre facility, where the treated wastewater is used to grow corn, it is one of the top birding sites in Michigan.

Four of us met in the area, and took one truck into the facility. The first thing I noticed was a swirling cloud of birds over the dump area. Several hundred seagulls, with a few bald eagles mixed in. It looked like a bird tornado. We ended up counting 9 bald eagles in the immediate area, and I'm sure there were a lot more we missed. While we saw lots of birds and even an otter, I didn't get many good photos. Everything seemed quite skittish, not even letting the truck we were in get near before flying away.

Even though I didn't get much I liked in the way of photographs, it was a nice sunny afternoon, and a good day to get out of the house.

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