Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Closer. Really Close

Fire Ants tending Aphids

Dogwood Blossom

There is an old saying in photography, if your photo is boring, you're not close enough.

I had the opportunity to test that saying this week. I was invited along with a group to do some photography among the Apple and Dogwood blossoms, at a friends of a friends house. Most of the group was photographing a couple of models that had come along, but a few of us just wandered the property. I used a 100mm macro lens for the whole time. I picked it mostly to limit my options and to try to get a different view than I normally get, but I also knew I would have times when I wanted to get close.

I got a few photos I liked before I tried the close part. I also learned a few things. Like if I put the lens on manual focus I can get a lot closer than I thought. For the photo of the ants, I had the front of the lens about two inches away from the subjects. I also used a flashlight to try to brighten the photo up, since it was getting near sunset. I was surprised how much the light affected the ants. Once it started illuminating them, they started moving.

The two blossom photos were taken in the shade, also somewhat near sunset. I hadn't brought anything to anchor them and the wind was pushing them around. It was an interesting task to get a sharp photo.

So get closer when you can.

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Kim said...

very cool Steve ;) I think I might try this with our Dogwood tree and Trilliums (SP) today :) thanks for the inspiration ;)