Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday May 2nd - A Moment in Time

The NY Times is sponsoring "A Moment in Time". They are asking people to take a photo at 15:00 UTC on Sunday and upload it to their web site. For those of us in Western Michigan, that will be 11 am.

I'm planning on participating. I'm just not sure how. Do I just stop at 11 am and take a photo of wherever/whatever I see? Or do I plan on photographing something specific. I guess I'll see what happens.

The original article announcing the project is here. Some questions answered about the effort is here.

The above photo really doesn't have anything to do with the effort, it just seemed appropriate. It is a booth at a carnival where they are making elephant ears.

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Anonymous said...

u must have wanted those elephant ears!! LOL well at least u didn't give in to temptation