Monday, May 24, 2010

Grand Haven Kite Festival

The yearly kite festival was held this past weekend in Grand Haven. I wasn't able to go Saturday during the day, which turned out ok. The coastline was fogged out all day and it didn't dissipate until early evening.

I headed out Sunday morning and arrived in town about 11 am. Stuck in traffic about three quarters of a mile from the park, I knew I had to do something when a guy pushing an older man in a wheelchair passed me. I ended up parking at the YMCA and walking in.

There was a good turnout and a lot of kites flying. I walked the beach, wondering about all the people in the 50 degree water, but since it was in the mid 80's, part of me wanted to join them. I watched the kite dancing for a while. I keep wondering how 6 kite flyers can fly formation and manage to keep their lines untangled.

I ran into a few people I knew and generally had a good time. One the way out of town, the line of cars into the park was backed up through town and out to US-31. I'm glad I went early.


Anonymous said...

love those pics!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I missed it. Thank you for sharing.