Friday, May 28, 2010

SoFoBoMo 2010

The Solo Photo Book Month participation period is pretty much here. A project once a year to photograph and produce a book in a 30 day period. This year the months to participate are June and July.

I've decided this year to produce a book about the local fairgrounds in a 5 or 6 county area of West Michigan. I'll be photographing them with my Mamiya 645 film camera, developing and scanning the film. All black and white. I like fairgrounds, mainly because I have a lot of good memories from them, but also because you can find some good architecture in some of them. Of course you can also find some weird stuff also, which only increases my desire to go photograph them.

I've decided to jump the gun by a couple days. I will actually be starting Sunday. I will be at the Allegan Fairground anyway, and I want to take advantage also of the day off Monday. I'm going to try to get Allegan and maybe Kalamazoo Sunday. Monday, I'm not sure if I will go west to Muskegon or go east to Lowell. We'll see when it gets here.

Once I get that one done, I may do a second book also. I know, I say that every year. I have a couple of ideas though, so maybe this year it will happen.

The photo above has actually nothing to do with the project. Mike introduced me to photographing smoke from incense backlit from behind. I've been playing with that a bit.

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RuthieLive said...

sounds cool to produce a book in 3o days best of luck to you I know it will be fabulous!